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Living with  wolves

Wolves are back, and they’re here to stay.

Wolves are starting to spread back to areas where they historically roamed but have been absent for many years, whether this is through deliberate reintroduction for conservation or just successful populations expanding their ranges.

It is understandable that many local stakeholders have concerns about how best to live in harmony with wolves and protect their interests from any negative effects such as depredation (killing) of livestock. This website aims to provide information on why the reintroduction of wolves is important and beneficial in more ways than symbolically, and to demonstrate some of the ways in which you can reduce their impacts on your livelihoods through non-lethal methods.

The methods covered include changes to your farming practices, installing fladry, introducing livestock guardian dogs, and participating in wolf collaring programs. It is best to combine as many methods as possible.


Each section also contains a list of open-access scientific papers if you wish to look further into the scientific evidence behind these methods.

Where text is bold and underlined, hover over the text to see definitions of key scientific terms that are used.

Some interactive content is not included in pdf version.

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